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Literature Circles and Response
Edited by Bonnie Campbell Hill, Katherine Schlick Noe, and Nancy J. Johnson

One of the foundational professional books on literature circles!

1.Treasures in the Attic: Building the Foundation for Literature Circles, Sarah Owens
2.A Delightful Journey: Literature Circles in First Grade, Christy Clausen
3.Learning Together: Sharing Control with Emergent Readers, Margee Morfitt
4.Nurturing Response with Emergent Readers, Katherine L. Schlick Noe
5.Finding a Balance: Literature Circles and "Teaching Reading," Penny Redman
6.Sparking a Love for Reading: Literature Circles with Intermediate Students, Anne Klein
7.Going with the Flow: Getting Back on Course When Literature Circles Flounder, Kary
8.Literature Circles: Good Intentions, Carolyn Callaghan
9.Invisible Scaffolding: Fostering Reflection, Patricia Kamber
10.Choosing Books for Literature Circles, Dianne Monson
11.Deepening Response Through the Arts, Lisa Norwick
12.Drawing on the Artist's Perspective: Ventures into Meaning Making, Barry Hoonan
13.Literature Circles: Assessment and Evaluation, Bonnie Campbell Hill
14.Goals and Assessment: How They Go in Circles, Sam Sebesta
15.Time Changes Everything: One Teacher's Story, Nancy J. Johnson Closing Remarks
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