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Literature Circles Resource Guide
Bonnie Campbell Hill, Katherine Schlick Noe, and Nancy J. Johnson

The Literature Circles Resource Guide provides the practical support you need to make literature circles succeed. The Resource Guide offers suggestions for your instructional planning, as well as forms you can photocopy for students. In addition, the accompanying CD-ROM contains all of the forms and teaching guidelines formatted for Mac and PC use, as well as a database of children's and young adult literature.

The Literature Circles Resource Guide is designed to supplement and extend two professional books on literature circles: Getting Started with Literature Circles, by Katherine L. Schlick Noe and Nancy J. Johnson (1999); and Literature Circles and Response, edited by Bonnie Campbell Hill, Nancy J. Johnson and Katherine L. Schlick Noe (1995).

Key Components:
Teaching Suggestions and Forms Classroom-tested, teacher-developed guidelines and forms for four components of literature circles: Organization, Discussion, Written Response, and Extension Projects. A fifth section, Families and Literature Circles, includes suggestions of how to involve families and other volunteers in the classroom, as well as ways to invite families to share books at home.

Sample Book Lists Lists of sample books for literature circles organized by topic, theme, genre, or author at varying grade levels, primary through middle school. Click here to see a preview of the Sample Book Lists.


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