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Teaching Ideas

I've had the good fortune and great privilege to spend my teaching career surrounded by amazing educators! My professional mission has been to support effective, powerful, and sane literacy practices for teachers, librarians, and the legions of students with whom they work. Here are a few online resources I'm connected with-- I hope they help you bring readers and good books together in ways that transform young learners' lives.

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Literature Circles Resource Center
Information and resources for literature circles in K-8 classrooms. This website is designed to support educators who are new to literature circles, as well as all of you veterans out there!

From the Mixed-Up Files of Middle Grade Authors
Visit the group of middle grade authors who blog together to celebrate books for middle grade readers. My posts have been about writing, good books, and teaching ideas. You can read my posts here.

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Themed Literature Units
Literacy can be highly engaging and memorable when taught within a meaningful framework. Readers can connect with and learn from characters who confront the range of human issues that make life challenging -- and rewarding. Themed literature units organize reading and writing instruction around high-quality children's and young adult literature. These books are tied together by a theme such as standing up for what you believe, finding courage in times of challenge, and reaching out to others. The Themed Literature Units website offers a huge array of unit outlines at all grade levels from kindergarten through middle school. I've also included detailed guidelines for planning and implementing a strong themed literature unit. You'll also find a long list of examples -- stellar work of my graduate students at Seattle University!

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